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You find the car and VROOM does the rest

No impact on
credit score


First and only direct to lender marketplace


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How it works

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1. Find your vehicle

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2. Look for the keys

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3. Pick your lender


4. Instant Pre-approval



100% Online

Say goodbye to painful paperwork

and external delays.

Using minimal information, VROOMʼs live marketplace delivers same day finance direct from leading automotive lenders.

Credit File Safe

No impact on credit score.

Vroom’s credit check does not leave a mark on your file and obtaining a pre-approval will not affect your credit score in any way.

VROOM digitally assesses your credit file, vehicle data, affordability and runs a matching algorithm to only provide you with qualified lending options.

No nonsense.

When youʼre ready to finalise your application, data is submitted directly to the lender for a full approval. Depending on the lender, settlement can even happen that same day.

The last loan
application you
will ever need

You only need to go through a

pre-approval process with VROOM once. We save your data for next time and no matter where you shop. If you see the VROOM icon, we will only give you personalised repayments and lending options. 

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Multiple Lender Options

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  • What is VROOM?
    VROOM is your personal comparison tool that connects you directly with Australia’s best lenders. No Brokers. VROOM isn't a broker and doesn't get paid a “fee” from the lenders like other online finance companies. That means we don't have favourites and will only connect you with a lender that meets your needs best. VROOM takes the hard work out of the online car loan application process and allows you to change devices mid-way through. By inputting your name and mobile number VROOM remembers who you are and where you are in the finance process.
  • Which Lenders does VROOM connect to?
    VROOM talks to over 68 different car loan lenders. Not all car loan lenders were born equal, which means some have slower response times, bigger fees, worse support functions and higher rates than others, and they all have different lending criteria. But we’ve hand-picked those that we work with to support our vision of a seamless customer experience, an effortless online finance application process and the lowest rates.
  • How is my interest rate calculated?
    Each lender is different. All lenders use slightly different criteria when assessing the best interest rate they can give you. VROOM stores all of this information from the lenders which is why we can give you a real conditional approval in 60 seconds. Of course, one of the big factors is your credit score. What this means is that the higher your credit score, the lower the interest rate (and visa versa) BUT, this isn't always the case. There are a lot of other important factors that are considered too, such as: the age of the car you're buying, how long you want the loan for, if you live at home, are boarding, pay rent, own your home and, if you are working full time, part time or are casual. There are so many factors that go into the mix and credit score isn't always the most important factor. With over 68 lenders, VROOM is always going to find you the best deal, take the hard work and time out of shopping around and risking your credit file.
  • How long does it take?
    It depends on the lender. Conditional approval takes less than 60 seconds. Negotiating with the dealership and getting the contract from the lender can be as fast as 1 hour but in most cases takes about a day. That said, actual turnaround times will vary fairly significantly depending on your chosen lender as they each have their own unique process.
  • Is VROOM a lender?
    Nope. We are your personal finance comparison tool. We connect you to the best lenders and save your information so you can continue shopping for your perfect car. Once you have found it we will be here to help you make the best loan choice possible.


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A:    Level 4, Building F

       1 Homebush Bay Drive,

       Rhodes NSW 2138


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Australian Credit License: 510 399

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